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Cruise Northern Europe

Northern Europe cruises

Northern Europe cruises – which include the category of Baltic cruises, Norwegian coastal voyages and even Arctic explorations visit a wide array of countries that bridge a kaleidoscope of cultures, languages and landscapes that make up the Top End of Europe, Scandanavia, and the United Kingdom! But watch out this great region stretches all the way up to the Arctic and across to Iceland as well! Some call the Northern borders of these dramatic landscapes the “land of the Midnight Sun”. Generally northern Europe cruises are a northern hemisphere summer-only cruise market, chock full of sightseeing delights, deep history, nature on a grand scale with tantalizing cosmopolitan cities sprinkled in-between!

Northern Europe cruises are a great way to experience the many charismatic and diverse countries of Ireland, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Estonia, Iceland, the Arctic region and even Russia. Itineraries very widely and offer a great variety of ports-of- call dependent upon the northern Europe cruises’ itinerary selected. Some Northern Europe cruises emphasize specific regions like the eastern Baltic including Estonia, Sweden, Finland and Russia others emphasize just the Coastal regions of Norway or the those of Britain & Scotland. Northern Europe cruises are perfect introductions to the many cultural and natural treasures of this region. From grand-scale edifices like Edinburgh Castle, Nidaros Cathedral and Big Ben, to casual diversions like quaint Irish pubs and charming sea-side villages, to thriving cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallin and St Petersburg. There is a smorgasborg of European, Scandanavian, Russian and UK attractions to satisfy any palette and northern Europe cruises deliver!

Contending with all the fantastic museums, churches and historical sites that northern Europe cruises provide access to, there is the unparalleled and enchanting world of the natural environment. Northern Europe cruises are your gateway to the stunning fjords of Norway, the magical lakes and pristine wilderness of Finland & Sweden and the English and Irish verdant countryside of pastures, craggy forests and rolling hills! And then there’s shopping from St Petersburg craft shops to the pulsating streets of Piccadilly Circus in London and all that’s in between! Northern Europe cruises lay it all out for you!.

Getting around

When traveling to this area of Europe on Northern Europe cruises you may wish to venture out on your own or consider a guide who will help you consolidate several days’ worth of sightseeing into several hours! Scandinavia, Iceland, Great Britain and the other western oriented countries such as Germany are very easy to get around and are well-sign posted for the international traveller. It might be good to brush up on some of the local language phraseology. However, conveniently you will find most Scandinavians and Germans speak excellent English. For Northern Europe cruises that venture in to Russia, Poland and the Baltic States it will be a bit more challenging. A local guide on these Northern Europe cruises should definitely be considered when going ashore pre/post or during the cruise.

Exploring Northern Europe

Shopping Districts

  • Shop for glassware, stainless steel and elegant gifts in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Haggle over the prices of flowers, vegetables, fruit, souvenirs and gifts at the Torget in Bergen, Norway on select Northern Europe cruses.
  • Purchase stunning Waterford crystal when you visit Dunmore East, Ireland – a northern Europe cruises’ and British Isles cruises’ must do.

Nature Trips

  • Stand in awe before the Giants' Causeway, million-year old rock formations in Belfast, Ireland that have stood as a natural rampart against Atlantic storms – a northern Europe cruises’ specialty excursion.
  • Travel via train through some of the most beautiful stretches of countryside in southern England.
  • Trek to Geirangerfjord, Norway's most popular fjord, and view snow-capped mountains whose sheer cliffs usher cascading waterfalls – a highlight on Northern Europe cruises.

City Tours

  • Explore Tallinn, Estonia and see St. Bridget' Convent, St. Kaarli's Church, the Estonian Opera and Pirita, site of the 1980 Olympics. A northern Europe cruises’ notable excursion.
  • Some northern Europe cruises will journey to Dublin and take in the Customs House, the National Gallery, Trinity College, the National Museum and Moore Street Market - famous for its boisterous pubs.
  • Observe the Tower of London, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace during a tour of London a pre/post must do on Northern Europe cruises.

Cultural Attractions

  • Witness acrobatic Siberian Cossack dances, Ukraine choral singing and live balalaika music at the world-renowned St. Petersburg Music Hall. A cultural must do on select Northern Europe cruises.
  • Head to Diamondland in Antwerp, Belgium and watch cutters at work and learn how diamonds are valued. Northern Europe cruises are a girl’s best friend!
  • Tour the Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin and sample renowned whiskey, scotch and bourbon.

Religious Structures

  • Tour Trondheim, Norway and view the 12th century Nidaros Cathedral, one of the finest and largest Gothic structures in Scandinavia. A cultural must do experience on select Northern Europe cruises.
  • On select Northern Europe cruises visit the famous Rock Church of Helsinki, Finland, a grandiose modern-day structure composed of bedrock and quarried stone.
  • See the Church of the Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, a marvelous Old Russian-style church built on the spot where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated.


  • Marvel at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, a world-famous landmark built in 1798 that houses 5,000 paintings, 30,000 sculptures and 17,000 historical objects. A Northern Europe cruises’ must-do!
  • Stop at 'The Story of Berlin' museum, which depicts the divided history of Berlin, the Prussian era, the roaring twenties and the Third Reich. A historic excursion on select Northern Europe cruises.
  • Travel to the Museum of Viking Ships in Oslo, Norway, a marvelous exhibit of massive, wooden century-old wooden vessels.