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Asia Cruises, Asian Cruise, Asia Cruising | Cruisepilot Cruises

Wondrous Asia, the largest of the seven continents with its amazing array of history, culture, landscapes, countries and peoples is growing more popular as both cruise gateway and destination for those interested in Asia cruises. From the Emirates, India, across Southeast Asia, to China, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, to Taipei and Japan there is a smorgasbord of ports of call, tastes and enchanting landscapes to explore, discover and revisit!

Asia cruises are magical journeys upon which to explore these enchanting lands, steeped in history, religion, mystery and ancient magic! A range of spectacular scenery from lazy white sandy beaches in tropical settings, to dazzling metropolises, deserts, rain forests, archipelagos and rolling landscapes strikingly similar to those found in Europe. Asia cruises are full of unexpected delights, Western versus Eastern juxtapositions and offer amazing portals into seeing and experiencing the often fastidious ways and dalliances of the Far East!

Covering just about 30% of the world's land mass there are some great insights, knowledge or understanding to be learned, acquired or experienced by visiting here! It's time to cruise Asia and explore on one or more of the many Asia cruises! A smorgasbord of cultures dominates its landscape, and a preservation of old-world heritage gives rise to century-old architectural masterpieces, making one of these cruises a must on your to-do list.

On Asia Cruises

On many of the Asia cruise itineraries you will have the opportunity to experience traditional Asian cultures, taste authentic Asian cuisines, participate in native customs and even dance to native music from a wide spectrum of unique Asian identities. For many travellers and tourists Asia is perhaps the best souvenir shop in the world just because of this hodge podge of multiple cultures, traditions and ways of life. But don't be fooled - there is important magical order in all that perceived chaos that is Asia!!! So let your Asia cruise be your ticket to the bazaar - your entrance to the world's fair!

Paralleling this fervent belief in tradition is a respect for the natural environment. Asia boasts a mesmerizing variety of natural wonders, including colossal mountains, lush botanical gardens, fertile farm land, desert, tropical paradises a range of climates paralleling the West and contains the Western boundaries of the Pacific Ring of fire with its volcanoes and boiling mud pools!

From the Great Wall of China and Indonesia's great temple complex of Borobudur to awe-inspiring Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia and the epic grasslands of Inner Mongolia, Asia is perhaps the most exotic, diverse region in the world and Asia cruises allow you access to this fascinating region...

Getting there

Asia cruises have many exciting ports of call and it really depends on what part of Asia you want to start exploring! Some of the more popular departure points internationally are: Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Suez, Mumbai and Saigon. But there are many cruise Asia itineraries that stop and start from Australia as well from the easy to get to ports of Sydney, Brisbane and Freemantle!

Endless Possibilities for Extend your stay - pre/post your Asia Cruise

The possibilities of how to extend your holiday pre or post your Asia cruise itinerary are endless! Asia cruises are great opportunities and well-suited for adding on a land stay! Perhaps a few nights in Hong Kong pre cruise or perhaps a post-cruise Casino package in Macau, Singapore or Kula Lumpur! If a tropical island getaway is on your mind why not stay a week in Phuket or on Phi Phi Island to further relax and extend your holiday! There are so many exploring options whether it be joining an organized tour or exploring on your own or simply just relaxing at a beach resort hideaway. Talk to an Asia cruise consultant today and start planning your Asia cruise escape!